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     Our congregation comes together under the leadership of Pastor Shaun L. Moton.

He has served in ministry nationally and internationally for over 40 years.


     With a progressive passion to equip and edify the Body of Christ beyond the four walls of the local church, he established “Making Disciples Ministries, Inc.” This ministry seeks to further equip pastors, ministers and churches to fulfill the mandate entrusted and expected of every believer in the Body of Christ beyond the realm of the local church. (Matthew 28:18-20)

     Pastor Moton has served as Pastor/Teacher of Marlboro Heights for 29 years. His God-given vision for the Lord’s Church upon his arrival as pastor was then, as it remains now to “Making Disciples to

Evangelize the World.”


      Pastor Moton is a servant minded man given to a servant minded people. He lives to be a friend and loves to share the goodness of the Lord in his life with others. His daily pursuit is to make a redemptive difference in the lives of everyone he is blessed to encounter.

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