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We would love for you to join us!

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During Sunday School, we gather to engage a systematic survey of biblical themes, subjects and characters under a consistent curriculum. Our studies are designed to address relevant issues from a historical perspective that complements people's day to day lives when teaching is applied.

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"Accountability" is our operative watchword in our pursuit of "Viewing Life from God's Perspective".

         The Directive from God comes in the form of His Demand for Greater from Us. Greater from us as a demand from God is not something that we do not have the capacity to give. This truth stems from the reality that God has Graced each of us with a remarkable ability to give out of the grace of our gain. Giving out of the grace of our gain is our reciprocal response to God's willingness to give to us unsolicitedly and undeservedly. 


Each Week, Glory to God and Glorifying God remains the target of our pursuit of perfecting the Greater things of God. This is our quest as believers and as the collective membership of the Body of Christ. 

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On Tuesday's, we gather to engage in an in-depth study of scripture

by studying one verse at a time in SHIFT.

  Scripturally inspired and born out of the words of 1 Peter 2:2,

our weekly sessions are informal, instructional and impactful for believers who desire to grow deeper in their faith

and apply it to their daily lives.

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Our mid-week worship service provides an opportunity for people to be exhorted through Scripture and exercise the priority of prayer through Bible Study.

Each week Disciples are assigned to exhort and pray under a scriptural text and target as a means of facilitating the application of what we have been taught from God's Word.

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